Review of American Classic 420 Aero 3 Bladed Wheelset

Known to be the best do-it-all wheels on the market at an affordable price!
Rapid racing wheelset with electric performance and stunning looks.

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With their unique looks, the American Classics earned admiring comments. The rear wheel’s three-spoke lacing groups are the most eye-catching feature. They combine a radial pattern on the left with three-cross on the right.

American Classic claim that with the larger right-hand hub flange this balances spoke tension for all spokes, increasing stiffness and strength. The 34mm deep rim is said to be the lightest rim of its type, and the weight, even with 24 aero spokes, suggests this could be true.

The pencil-thin front hub uses 18 radial spokes, and both wheels have aluminium nipples, which will need TLC to stop them seizing. The 420s feel firm but fast and encourage sprinting, responding with instant acceleration.

Maintaining a high cruising speed is easy, their stiffness means they handle well, and the braking surface is extraordinarily good – almost too good at times. They climb very well and are robust enough to be raced on or off road.

DISCIPLINE Road / Triathlon / Cyclocross
WEIGHT Front 663 gr Rear 867 gr Pair 1530 gr
HUBS Front Micro 58 100mm Rear High Low Flange 130mm
RIMS 34mm Deep Section 420 gr Aluminum Clincher
SPOKES AC Bladed Spokes Black
NIPPLES AC Aluminum Nipples Silver
18h Radial Front, 24h 3-Cross Rear Drive Rear, Radial Non-Drive

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